Recovering the Joy of Searching and Discussing God’s Word


You might have noticed, Christians argue.  Often, they get into heated disagreements when talking about what the Bible teaches.  Some topics really set them off.

What if I told you: That Jesus isn’t in favor of such arguments?  That our Lord and Savior prayed that we would be united?  That one of the Holy Spirit’s objectives is our unity?   Wow!  What happened?

Hundreds of years of clutter: jumbled doctrine and critical misunderstanding.  Years and years of outsourcing our personal Bible knowledge.  Add human ego and a spiritual enemy – you have a mess.

Sounds dismal, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Motivation for change and a path to unity are described in the Bible – and Jesus is in the thick of it.  These 50 pages can launch your journey … you can make an eternal difference.

Built in discussion questions open the door to quality small group sessions. Together we can turn this in the right direction.




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