“Tell us about the Holy Spirit, Papa.”

An opportunity for kids to learn personally the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


Following Jesus is the best choice anyone can ever make.  But living for Jesus can be difficult.  He expects a lot from us.  He wants us to live like he did, and he always did the right thing.

But Jesus does not expect us to live for him by our own strength.  He sent the Holy Spirit to help us.  The Holy Spirit is the best helper you will ever have, because he is God.  He is always close to you because he lives in you.

In this book you will have a chance to learn what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit.   Then you can get to know him even better as you become teammates, living for Jesus.

Meet the Holy Spirit as Jesus introduced him to us.

Learn the many ways the Spirit helps you to live for Jesus.

This is a Bible Study guide, helping you to discover in your own Bible about the Holy Spirit.

An encouraging, informative and thorough study about God’s Spirit for children.

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Something special / 11

Because you belong to Jesus, you have someone to help you.

To help you live for Jesus / 15

The Holy Spirit has this goal in mind.

The Holy Spirit really helps us / 19

The Bible book, Romans, tells you about how the Holy Spirit will help you.

The Holy Spirit keeps on helping us / 25

You get so much help from the Spirit, it takes two chapters to describe it.

The Conflict / 33

Sometimes life can be hard.  You will have struggles inside of you.  But the Holy Spirit is here to help.

Winning the Conflict / 39

The Spirit will help you win the spiritual battle inside.

Walk in the Spirit / 45

You will want to team up with the Holy Spirit.

Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire / 49

You don’t want to make this mistake.

Fill up – and don’t grieve / 53

The Holy Spirit can be your best friend.  You don’t want to make him sad.

The Holy Spirit helps us tell others about Jesus / 59

The Spirit is working all the time to tell others about Jesus.  When we talk about Jesus, we help him.

The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible / 65

He will help you to understand God’s Word.

The Holy Spirit will help you to be a good helper / 71

The Holy Spirit has given you a spiritual gift.

The Holy Spirit works in a different way now than he did in the Old Testament / 77

This is important to understand.  Learn about how he works today, in you.

The Holy Spirit wants you to follow Jesus’ example / 85

The devil tempted Jesus to sin, but Jesus never did anything wrong.  You can learn from Jesus what to do when you are tempted.

How can the Holy Spirit be God? / 95

Have you ever heard the word ‘trinity?’  This chapter will help you understand that the Holy Spirit is God.

I want you to understand how much power you really have / 105

Since the Holy Spirit lives inside you, you have more strength and ability than you can imagine.

Take a look inside and discover more about Tell Me About the Holy Spirit, Papa.








After just reading the first chapter, I decided I definitely need to send a copy of your book to our 11 year-old grandson.

Not very much is taught about the Holy Spirit.  This is a great book, it teaches well and is very easy to understand.  I love the way you have them get their Bible and use it in the study.

“We are going through your book as our morning time character / citizenship training.  … Thus far it has been a great discussion starter.”